ATC = Artist Trading Card
PIF = Pay It Forward

So the general consensus is that an ATC swap is still a nice way to mark the eighth anniversary of WOYWW. This year, it's on 24th May, week 416.

  • Make an ATC (or some ATCS, you may want to send one to more than one person). There is no specific theme, but it would be nice to include WOYWW and/or 8 somewhere on it; the reverse would be fine.
  • On WOYWW 416, post as usual. When you link, if you are joining the ATC swap, add an asterisk * to your name. It's the devil to remember, so don't worry if you forget, just link again. (Only the administrators can remove links, so don't worry , I'll get to it!
  • Get in touch with the next name on the list that shows an asterisk *; you need a postal address from whoever that is. Their presence and asterisk * means they're your recipient.
  • Post the ATC. Preferably on the day, certainly very soon.
  • Visit desks as usual.
  • If you've made more than one ATC,  swap 'em, send 'em, give 'em to whomever you choose. You can flag them up on your WOYWW post on the day, every post between now and the day, keep them for private swapping. Whatever suits you.
Don't participate if you can't, or don't want to, it's not the law and you will not lose your valuable status as a Desker!

It's just a bit of fun to mark an anniversary, no pressure. But you may like to know that I'm doing more for this anniversary than I did for my Wedding Anniversary this year. How shocking!

I found this:
if you're completely in the dark about ATCs, and can't face the deluge you'll find on Pinterest or need proper details!

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